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What Forms of Payment Do We Accept?

Our primary  forms of payment include Credit/Debit Cards and PayPal but we can also accept  other payment forms such as Cash App, Zelle, Skrill etc, if you are unable to pay using our primary payment methods.

  All payment methods can be setup easily using your Credit/Debit Cards or bank account.

If you do not have an account with any of the above listed payment methods yet. It is easy, download the banking app on your mobile then link your card or account to it and you are good to go using our payment information that will be provided to you.

Can I Pay for my Order Using 2 payment methods???

Yes, we accept partial payment between 2 different payment types.

For instance, if your order cost $200, it is okay to pay using different payment methods be it PayPal and Cash App or PayPal and Zelle, as the case, may be.

Remember to send a screenshot of both payments confirmation including your order number.

My Credit Card details are not Accepted; What's wrong?

Please check with your bank or financial institution to rule out errors on their behalf. Alternately you can setup payment with one of the other supported payment methods 

If problems continue, please contact our Customer Service Team to get immediate solution

Do your Accept Giftcards

We accept gift cards if and only if it is your only available method of payment. We accept Vanilla gift cards, Amex gift cards or Mastercard gift
cards but Vanilla gift cards are preferred.

Once you buy gift cards worth the total of your order, send a pic of the front and back copy of the gift
card alongside the purchase receipt for your order to be completed

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