Ascent™ Series A3500 Blender


Smoothies; Frozen Drinks & Desserts; Hot Soups & Drinks; Dips & Spreads; Juices; Nut Butters; Kneaded Dough; Ground Spices; Purees

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Five program settings (for smoothies, hot soups, dips & spreads, frozen desserts, and self-cleaning) automatically adjust to the container size you’ve selected, process your recipes, and stop the blender when complete. Built-in wireless connectivity will allow Ascent™ Series blenders to evolve with the latest innovations for years to come.


  • Built-in wireless connectivity: The motor base is able to read the container size you’ve chosen and automatically adjust program settings and maximum blending times accordingly.
  • Pair with any self-detect containers: Add a range of compatible container sizes, building a customized blending system designed to fit your needs.
  • Program Settings: Five program settings ensure walk-away convenience and consistent results.
  • Touch interface: Touchscreen controls give the machine a sleek silhouette and are easily wiped clean.
  • You’re in control: Variable Speed Control and Pulse feature let you manually fine-tune the texture of any recipe.
  • Programmable timer: A built-in timer helps avoid over-or under-processing your custom recipes. Set the timer to the length of your blend, and it will turn the machine off automatically.
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