Kuvings Silent Slow Masticating & Cold Press Juicer


This juicer from Kuvings will be the only juicer you will ever need. Unlike other juicers, it presses and extracts juice from its source, quickly with low-speed masticating technology.

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This efficient method provides you with a higher yield of juice that’s smoother, more consistent, and richer in antioxidants and vitamins. The beautiful juicer is attractive and will look great on any kitchen counter. Its highly efficient masticating system produces more juice with less oxidation. This fantastic juicer is loaded with features that will help kick start your day with healthy and delicious, all-natural juice.


  • Powerful brushless AC motor
  • Detachable smart cap for making mixed juices and easy rinsing
  • The patented Technology (J.M.C.S)
  • Slim design for saving kitchen space
  • 240W power motor built with Kuvings technology
  • Speed: 80 RPM
  • Maximum use: Less than 30 minutes
17.12” H x 9.64” W x 6.49” D
Overall Product Weight
15.4 lb.
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