MAGIX Electric Burr Coffee Grinder


The capacitor shell is made of iron galvanized material, which will not be crushed during transportation and prevent rust. Inherit the traditional rolling mill and innovate the steel mill technology.

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This machine is an electric mill, which can grind wheat, rice, corn, sorghum, soybean, and other crops into dry flour. It is especially suitable for grinding soaked soybeans and rice into pulp, and can also be used for feed crushing. Widely used in household and food industry.


  • Main parameters: matching power: 1500W; motor voltage: 110V; product voltage: 110V; rated speed: 1400r/min; drill diameter: 150mm/5.90”; rotation direction: counter clockwise; machine size: 58*43 *27cm/22.83 *16.93*10.63 inch; overall height of the machine: 80cm/31.5inch (the machine includes the height of the funnel).
  • Adjustable thickness: Operated by rotating the thickness adjustment button. Motor cooling: Multiple cooling holes, good heat dissipation, longer working time, durable
  • Using iron galvanized material: The capacitor shell is made of iron galvanized material, which will not be crushed during transportation and prevent rust; the traditional mill is inherited, and the steel grinding technology is innovative; all-round fine crushing, the door is healthy.
  • Wide range of applications: This machine is suitable for grinding tofu, starch, rice flour, corn, and other food industries. Wheat, rice, corn, sorghum, soybean, and other crops can be ground into dry powder and can be used for feed grinding.
  • High efficiency: Electric pulverizers are flexible, easy to use, and efficient. The pulping is exquisite, can retain complete nutrition, and taste good. All-round fine crushing, the corn kernels, rice and wheat grains milled by this machine can be eaten by human beings, opening the door to health.
  • Warm note: 1. This is a high-speed commercial pulverizer. Its power is 2200W, and its grinding speed is more than 120 pounds of grain per hour. It is suitable for the commercial processing of a large number of grains. It can pulverize efficiently, and there will be some noise in the kitchen and household. 2. Our products are divided into two packages (host + funnel). If you only receive the host or the funnel, please contact us in time to inquire about the logistics distribution. 3.150 type mill can only dry mill, not wet mill, otherwise it will rust. 4. The product is made of cast iron. After a long shipping time, some products will rust, so rust can be removed with derusting water. 5. Before using this equipment, please do not tighten the screw of the grinding blade too tightly, which will damage the blade. 6. If you don’t receive the product accessories or the product accessories are damaged, please contact us to reissue them in time.
22.93” H x 10.63” W x 16.93” D
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50.59 lb.
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